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Diana – The Voice of Change

If you’ve wondered how Diana Princess of Wales developed the courage and power to bring about vast change in her life and that of the Royal Family, you can find out right here.

If you would like to discover where Diana’s love, hope and radiance came from, those essential qualities that helped to heal the colossal challenges she faced, and then moved her to become the Global Super Star, the information is within Stewart’s extraordinary book “DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE”.

If you were startled by Diana’s beauty and essence this book will reveal the key principles and empowerments that gave her the ability to express the wonder and awe that you so admired and still hear about – this book could even be an answer to some of your challenges!

Torsten 1

Proof of Reiki, Proof of Eternity

After a decade as a highly successful international entrepreneur, at the age of 35 Torsten found his world collapsing almost overnight. Soon he was made bankrupt, homeless, and on the verge of ending his life. Not a single attempt to get back on his feet worked out – until Reiki appeared. The very day it arrived, his life changed for the better.

Puzzled how a ‘complementary therapy’ could have such a wide-ranging effect, he embarked on a journey of discovery. It took him from quantum physics to exploring past lives, from historical research in Japan to finding the world’s first scientific proof of the different levels Reiki works on. And, to his amazement, one day Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, started talking to him,

With Mikao Usui as his spirit guide, he gained a radically deeper understanding of Reiki.This revolutionary book takes Reiki out of the niche of “energy healing” – and makes it a lifestyle.