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Alexandrian Witchcraft
Historical Archive Project

This site is designed as a living, breathing, historical Timeline; an online meeting place where memories, lore and images can be shared and contributed.

Explore the truths, stories and treasures of the witches who were there at the beginning, the witches who came after, and the witches currently practicing the Tradition Alex and Maxine created.

tgl mac

The Great Leslie
London Indie Band

This site is designed for a London based indie band. The site goes with their design brief of a strict colour pallet. Simple for them to update and maintain. I might be the drummer in the band so you should check them out while you’re here. 

angels web

The Angels Of Atlantis
Website for Stewart Pearce

Stewart is an Author, Voice Coach and Angelic Emissary. We run online workshops and run a store. 

As well as running a successful YouTube Channel with feeds our paid events customers. 

torstenalange web
torsten mobile

Torsten A. Lange
Reiki Master and Author

Torsten A. Lange is founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London, an international speaker and workshop facilitator, and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has done extensive research into the history and spiritual foundations of Reiki, and taught thousands of students worldwide.

We offer extensive online courses

neuton site

Neuton Hair Salon
Implementing a book online feature

Neuton came to me with a problem – they had a site, but they didn’t have the ability for clients to book online. We worked together to build a user-friendly system – which included taking deposits for large bookings. It also gave her staff greater flexibility to plan their schedules. 

Ra lap
Ra phone

Rose Ankh Publishing
Occult Book Publisher

Rose Ankh Publishing is a book publisher of unique occult, historical, philosophical, and biographical works. Our publications range from contemporary authors discussing paranormal activities to rare finds that are often curious and unclassifiable.